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D.G. BaxterAs an author, I have a lot of life experiences to pull from when I sit down to write. But just as important is my life long enjoyment of people watching. Human nature is fascinating, and bringing those experiences into my stories allows me to breathe life into my characters. I find it impossible to write a compelling story without filing that story with interesting and colorful characters.

I also bring joy to my storytelling. If you can visualize me sitting in front of my desktop computer and getting a smile, then you know exactly what happens when suddenly a new character comes to mind and I put him or her into the story. A good example is Hank, an older guy living by himself in a one-room shack in a remote part of Nevada. Hank finds himself in the story when he comes upon an abandoned VW on US 59. He starts to look closely at what may have been left behind when he hears a phone ring. He finds a cell phone in the backseat and picks it up. One of the story’s main characters, Kitty Hudson, is on the line. In the next few minutes, Hank and Kitty realize Kitty’s sister has been kidnapped. We learn more about Hank as he is integrated into the story. Hank is a colorful guy and has a heart of gold, and now the story has a lot more texture.

I also like to keep my stories moving at a face pace. This may come from my own preference of reading stories that have a good pace and don’t bog down. If you read the reviews for my books, you will see that comment made over and over. I like to engage the reader, hook them into the story, and keep it moving along. I know I have done my job when a reader says, “I wished the book was longer. I was really enjoying myself and then suddenly the book was over.”

Finally, I work hard to bring my stories to a satisfying ending. The reader should feel like the journey was worthwhile and the story had a solid ending. Often, my endings are a surprise. When that happens, that is a lot of fun for me as well.  

I hope you enjoy the Jack Beckett series. I just finished book ten in the series. If you like Jack Beckett and his stories, you’ll have plenty to read.   


Happy Reading,

D.G. Baxter